Wildlife Photography Workshops (click on images for more info)

Looking to improve your skills as a nature photographer? or maybe just starting out in wildlife photography and wanting to learn some fieldcraft. My workshops are tailored to your needs and done on a number of sites up and down the country with a main focus on the East Midlands. I'm happy to arrange dates and times that suit you as well as finding what species, area or technique you want to cover.


If you feel you don't need a full day then we can arrange a shorter workshop at a lower price, in the mean time feel free to email or call me for infomation on up coming workshops


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Dipper Workshop
Dipper Workshop
Water Vole Workshop
Sunset Peepers at Attenborough cpt Tim S
Mobile Phone Photography
Attenborough Nature Reserve
Kingfisher, Lincolnshire5.jpg
1 - 2 - 1 Workshop
great diving beetle1, captive, notts.jpg
Underwater Aquarium
Attenborough Nature Reserve
european tree frog, hyla, arborea-6.jpg
European Herptiles
Wetland Birds Workshop
Grey Seals Workshop
Underwater Photo Workshop
Underwater Photography
Macro Workshop
Wollaton Park Workshop
Woodland Bird Workshop
RSPB Arne Residential Workshop
Underwater Aquarium
Autumn Deer Workshop

More workshops are coming soon...

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