Online Media
All UK Freshwater Fish 

A selection of my favourite and best underwater clips 

Red Hill Nature Reserve 

Short film I shot for the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

Wildlife Showreel 2017

A selection of my favourite and best wildlife clips 

Presenter Showreel

A selection of my favourite and best wildlife encounters

Beneath the waterline

Crowdfunded film to highlight freshwater fish in the UK featured on Inside Out.

Reconnecting the Derwent Valley

Short film for the Environment Agency

Puffins in Shetland with Iphone

 Exploring shetlands cliffs and taking images with a smart phone of the puffins.

UK Pond Life

A breif look into the lives of pond creatures in the UK

Gannets Slow Motion Underwater

Northern gannets diving around Noss in Shetland

Tufted Ducks Underwater

Tufted ducks and other waterfowl diving and feeding underwater.

Aquarium Promotional Film
Dippers Feeding

Dippers using a rock to pick out food from the river.

Lady of the Stream

Highly Commended in BWPA

The Grayling a stunning member of the trout family showing breeding behaviour

Wildlife Exposed Interview

Selecting my three most memorable images.

Wildlife Showreel Extended

More clips of wildlife