Online Media
All UK Freshwater Fish 

A selection of my favourite and best underwater clips 

Wildlife Showreel 2021

A selection of my favourite and best wildlife clips 

Presenter Showreel
Selection of pieces I've done for TV like countryfile, one show, springwatch

Making a Herbarium

Short film I shot for the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

Dippers on Countrfile

A selection of my favourite and best wildlife encounters

Reconnecting the Derwent Valley

Short film for the Environment Agency

Snakes in London

Looking for a rather off snake in london

Foxes in a graveyard

Close encounters with urban foxes

Gannets Slow Motion Underwater

Northern gannets diving around Noss in Shetland

Freshwater Fish Clips

Selection of some of my favourite freshwater fish clips


Short online content on UK wildlife

Creating a outdoor enclosure for reptiles​
Building a Hibernaculum
Dippers using a rock to pick out food from the river.

How I got into filming fish

Behind the scenes of my filming

Perch in a Aquarium

Keeping perch in aquarium