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European Herptile Photo Experience

Experience a herpetological tour around Europe, photographing the continent's most iconic speices. From tree frogs to toads, lizards to snakes, Celtic Reptiles & Amphibians has it all.

9th July 2022 - 6 Spaces 

Pay Below

Location - Leek, Staffordshire     Season:  Summer

Cost -

Full Day £100.00 (pp) 9am - 3pm - 

Whats the plan?

Meet at the location in Leek and go through the species you want to photograph. Its best to prioritise which ones you'd like to work with beforehand so set ups can be arranged and species availability.

Whats to bring?

Macro of 60mm -100mm


Outdoor clothing

Extra Memory cards & Batteries

Flask or packed lunch

Number of people on workshop: 8 max 


As the species are captive its an easy day to get lots of close up images of various species of european reptiles & amphibians some in natural enclosures others will be placed in set ups.


Species List (Others may be available and some are seasonal so please discuss before hand if there are any specific species you want to photograph)                  Please read the T & C's


  • Eyed Lizard

  • Green lizard

  • Common Lizard

  • Sand Lizard

  • Slow Worm

  • Marsh Frog

  • Great Crested Next

aesculapian snake,_-10.jpg

  • Aesculapian Snake

  • Grass Snake

  • Wall Lizard

  • Fire Salamander​

  • Yellow Bellied Toad

  • Pool Frog

  • European Tree Frog

  • Agile Frog

  • Natterjack Toad

  • Horsefield tortoise

  • European Pond Turtle

Clients Images from this workshop

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