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Autumnal Deer Photography Workshop


Join Jack on one of natures greatest events and a autumnal highlight the rut. Both red and fallow deer rut in the autumn and provide some great photographic oppertunities. Standing on a natural hill three miles west of Nottingham City Centre, Wollaton Hall is set in five hundred acres of spectacular gardens and parkland. About 80 Red deer and 120 Fallow deer roam freely in Wollaton Park and have done since the 14th Century. 

Location - Wollaton Park, Nottingham     Season: Late Sept - Early October

Cost - Group

Half Day: £50.00 (pp) 8am - 12pm

Full Day: £95.00 (pp) 8am - 3pm 

Full Day £120.00 (pp) 8am - 3pm

(Timings can be adjusted to suit your needs)

Whats the plan?

We'll meet by the car park, red telephone box and go through camera equipment and general practice for the day. The stags are fairly used to people and show well typically however they are pumped with testosterone so we'll keep a safe distance for the animals. Deer workshops can be arranged for other times of the year also for snow shots, calfs and bluebell images.

Whats to bring?

Long lens of 300mm

Monopod or Tripod

Walking boots/Waterproofs (neutral colours recommended)

Extra Memory cards & Battries

Flask or packed lunch (there are cafes at the park and toilets)

Number of people on workshop: 6 max though advised 1 - 2 - 1


There are paths all around the park though it can be hilly in places and a fair bit of walking depending where the rut happens that year. Lots of parking available at £5.00 for the day.


Other wildlife we can encounter          Please read the T & C's


  • Waterfowl

  • Woodland birds

  • Grebes

  • Grey Heron

Clients Images from this workshop

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