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Blue Shark Snorkel with Celtic Deep


The original offshore wildlife experience. Join us on a unique adventure where we explore the rich waters of the Celtic Deep 30 miles offshore. Our focus will be on encountering blue sharks but our wish list of possible species includes porbeagle sharks, sunfish, minke & fin whales, common & bottlenose dolphins and bluefin tuna. All have been sighted on this trip. Orca and humpback whales are also infrequently encountered in this area.

**Please note we use a booking system to be able to handle the bookings. There is a 6% booking fee added to the total. This is a direct fee for the booking company to handle our business.  Celtic Deep do not keep this money.  By using this system our time can be spent focusing on the tours and you as customers. 

**All our trips are at the mercy of the weather, should we get blown out for the main destination we will inform you in as far advance as possible, you will then have the option to have a voucher to use on another trip, a refund, or an alternative activity such as an introduction to freediving course, coasteering, kayaking, surfing. 

blue shark, cornwall3.jpg

Location - Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire     Dates: 31st Aug & 1st Sept (please note these are the only dates Jack will be on the boat)



Whats the plan?

We'll meet at the harbour in Neyland, Pembrokeshire and leave for a 9 - 10 hour trip to swim with blue sharks.

Whats to bring?

Camera (if you have a waterproof one)

wetsuit (these can be hired)

Warm cloths when out the water and towl

Extra Memory cards & Batteries

Flask or packed lunch 

Number of people on workshop: Up to 10


You'll need to be a decent swimmer at least as this is in the sea sea sick tablets are worth a go as once we are out we are out for the day.


Wildlife we could encounter          Please read the T & C's


  • Blue Sharks (chance of Portbeagle, Thresher, Basking Shark ,Mako)

  • Common Dolphin, Pilot Whale, Minke Whale, Porpoise 

  • Sunfish, Blue Fin Tuna

  • Grey Seal

  • Gannet

  • Shearwaters

blue shark, cornwall2.jpg
blue shark, cornwall4.jpg
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