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Wollaton Hall and Deer Park


The park is home to a herd of Red Deer and Fallow Deer. Other wildlife of note at the park include a large corvid roost made up of Rook, Jackdaw, and Carrion crow. Other notable species present at the site are populations of Jay, Nuthatch and Sparrowhawk. Migrating wildfowl grace the lake in the winter and species of note include Gadwall, Northern Shoveler, Eurasian Wigeon and Tufted duck. There is a good diversity of Fungi present, especially in the winter months, mainly found near the wooded areas and the lake.


£45.00 per person (10 max)          £90.00 per person (4 max)

4 hour session 9am - 1pm            All day session 9am - 3pm 

Meet at front park entrance 

Some workshops may be more then others e.g. deer rut and birds of prey

Wildlife Photography Days


Wollaton Park is a magnet for birds with its range of habitats theres plenty to see as well many wildlife thats accustomied to people. The courses are mostly aimed at beginners but all levels are welcome to get various natural history images.


To book a date please get in touch.

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