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Upcoming Projects

Heres some of my upcoming projects both personal and commissioned work 

Wildlife Exposed - TV Pilot

Pond Book

London Underwater

Funded by Affinity & Crowd funding this pilot aims to get a tv series funded on wildlife photography. Filming in Shetland in July 2016.
I'm delighted to say I'm currently writing a my second book for new holland which will feature my images in book on pond and river wildlife of the british isles.
London is a city built on its waterways and with old father thames being its most well known river the capital holds many canals and streams that are home to a host of wildlife which I hope to uncover.

Chalk Streams Uncovered

The UK is home to 85% of the worlds chalk streams and hold a impressive amount of rare British wildlife. Its warm and pure waters mean they are often crystal clear and full of life. They however under threat from water abstraction, pollution, non native species and I'm looking at documenting as many of these streams as possible.
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