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List of talks

Wildlife Wonders of Cornwall - Having lived their for three years I built up a large catalogue of images from a stunning county covering rockpools, sand dunes, woodland and heathland. 


Rivers: Source to the Sea - Rivers are without a doubt my favourite habitat to photograph having been to highland streams, Hampshire’s chalk streams and large midland rivers like the Severn and Trent follow me down a British river seeing what they have on show.


Diary of a Wildlife Photographer - Showing off some of the commissions, TV filming and personal shoots I've done over the past year and giving a insight into my mind set and how I go about taking wildlife images.


Wildlife on your doorstep - following both garden and urban wildlife this talk features tips on how to encourage wildlife into your local patch while also showcasing lots of images of wildlife you might not expect like lizards, badgers and waxwings.

Shetland: Britains Northern Edge - After a month living in Shetland, Jack was able to see its fantastic wildlife from puffins, gannets, skuas, divers and orcas. 

Pond scum - Taking a closer view of British ponds from dragonflies, frogs and birdlife showing underwater views and dispelling some of the myths. over 1 million ponds have been lost since the 1940s.


Nottinghamshire’s Wildlife - From the mighty River Trent, gravel pits, sherwood forest and urban landscape that all make up such a varied habitat Nottinghamshire truly has some amazing flora and fauna.


Best of British - Concentrating on some of the iconic species of wildlife in the British Isles from puffins, kingfishers, otters and stags to some of the smaller species like adders, dragonflies and fungi.


Freshwater Fish of Britain - 54 species swim below our water but how many can you name? This talk goes through each species in detail with underwater imagery.


Birds of the water - Many bird species live by or in water from the farne islands full of puffins, reedbeds with booming bitterns and a underwater view of our waterfowl this talk takes a wetter side to birding.


British Invaders - The British isles has a huge amount of non native species from brown hare and little owl that are a colourful addition to signal crayfish and mink that cause a lot of damge this talks goes through many that you might not even know are here and how some are harmless while others deadily.


Coastal Wildlife - From the sea cliffs full of gannets and puffins into the rockpools exploring a hidden world we take a look at what wildlife inhabits the British coastline.

From stills to moving image - We look at the differences from taking stills to video from settings, compostion and making to most out of a DSLR.

Wildlife Filmmaking as a career - Following my first filming work on "The Great British Year" to recurring slots on Countryfile, Springwatch and The One Show as well as other programmes. It chronicles the behind the scenes of TV, how I got the jobs and bonus footage from the shoots.


Underwater Photography - Starting out in stoney cove in leicestershire to diving the stunning red sea my underwater photography has taken all over the UK and this talk details the differences from land based photography and some of my experiences with seals, river fish and rockpools.


Put away that 500mm! - One of my trademark techniques is using wide angle lens to capture all  kinds of wildlife from birds, mammals and reptiles showing you don't always need a long lens to get the shot just patience, field craft and luck! 


Stories behind the images - Looking into some of my images that have won awards, gone viral and my personal favourites and the thought process behind them.


Introduction into Wildlife Photography - Lots of little tips and hints that have helped me along the way to get that perfect image!




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