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Herptile Photo Days 


Working with Celtic Reptile & Amphibians I'm able to get access to a variety of reptiles such as grass snake, common lizard and slowworms while in my garden I can reliably get common frog, toad and newt.

Ideal for more advanced wildlife photographers wanting to get new species to photograph or learning a new way of photographing wildlife.


Even with advanced bookings some species can't always be gureentied so if theres one in paticular you'd like to photograph do get in touch to find out if its available for a workshop. Harvest mice, wood mice and other small mammals can be arranged also.


What you'll need 

  • Tripod

  • Knee pads/Gardening Pad 

  • Macro lens (60mm - 105mm is ideal)


To book and for more info click here

£95.00 per person (3 max)

4 hour session 9am - 1pm

Refreshments Included

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