Freshwater Fishes of Britain - Hardback Book - New Holland Publishers

This is the ultimate photographic guide to the freshwater fish of the UK.
Covering every British species, including all of those that are common and widespread, this book will have strong appeal to both naturalists and anglers across the country.

This 150 page book has multitudes of facts and figures about freshwater fish in the UK from flounder found 40 miles inland to why tench are known as the doctor fish. It covers all 56 species (including non native and marine species that enter freshwater) with high quality underwater images.

The book is intentionally very visual, which is ideal for children and can easily be dipped in and out of. Key I.D features and where to find these fish are included also.

As well as each species being covered, the book has other chapters on:

  • Foreword by Hugh Miles (creator of 'Passion For Angling' & BBC NHU Cameraman)

  • How to go fish-watching

  • Behind the scenes of my fish photography

  • Oddities and weird fish that have turned up in the UK

  • Collective terms for fish 

  • Conservation for freshwater fish

  • Facts & figures

The book has a great interest to both anglers and wildlife enthusiasts wanting to learn more about our finned friends. 

Signed copies are available directly from me. Alternatively, feel free to bring a copy to the many talks I do or buy copies at my talks.

From Jack (UK Only)

Signed £23.50 (inc P&P)


Matt Hayes (TV Presenter & Angler)

Books like this are important. When I was a boy I loved them. Understanding and recognising fish is fundamental if you want to become a good angler.

Well done Jack Perks for putting this book together: our sport needs more of this.


Hugh Miles (Wildlife Cameraman & Angler)

Jack's book admirably illustrates these species underwater, which is an achievement in its own right, while his informative text makes for some interesting reading, I wholeheartedly commend him for achieving so much to help protect some of our most important and colourful wildlife in Britain. ​


Wild Trout Trust (Conservation Group for Trout)


Amateur Photographer Magazine


Freshwater Habitats Trust (Conservation Group)

It’s a beautifully illustrated book, and bound to impress anyone who spies it on your coffee table. But more than that, it’s packed with very interesting info on our native freshwater fish species.

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Underwater Photography Magazine (Online Specialist Magazine)


Scubaverse (Scuba Diving Website)

The book is full of great images that must have taken time and dedication to capture, as there are some 56 species covered in these pages.

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Fly Fishing Forum (Angling Website)

Being published in hardback there is a nice quality feel to this book making it a great present for anyone interested in fish, or even to try and get someone interested in fish in the first place. It has to be the only guidebook of its kind on Britain's freshwater fish and likely to remain so given the effort taken to put this together. Buy it if only to enjoy the photography and you won't be disappointed.

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Fallon's Angler (Angling Magazine)