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Underwater Photography Course 


This is a great workshop that allows people to take images of species they would never normally be able to photograph while learning the basics of underwater photography, strobe lighting and getting close to subjects. There is no scuba diving involved so as long as your a confident swimmer this course is widely accessible.

Ideal for wildlife photographers wanting to get new species to photograph or learning a new way of photographing underwater wildlife. We learn at the Dosthill Quarry in Tamworth the countries oldest dive site. You have the option to scuba dive after the course though this is not part of it.

Being outdoors you get to work in wild conditions and make use of natural light as well as artificial strobe lighting. We start off in the shallows going through the basics then go for a swim around the lake to see some of its inhabitants. The water is warmest from May Onwards not cooling off until october.

The site has changing facilities, toliets, food, drink, equipment hire and parking close to the water. Lots of B&B's locally for those traveling far to the venue.

What you'll need 

  • Wetsuit/Drysuit & Weightbelt, Fins, Mask, Snorkel (all can be hired on site) 

  • Underwater Housing/Camera (D7000 & GoPros can be hired)

  • Towel


To book and for more info click here

£165.00 per person (Group discount available)

5 hour session 1pm - 6pm

Tea/Coffee Included

Presentation before entering the water

What you'll Learn

  • How underwater photography differs from topside photography

  • Mastering your exposure triangle for underwater usage (Aperture, Shutter & ISO)

  • Getting the most from RAW Files, White Balance and other settings

  • Compositional techniques with wide angle & macro 

  • How to plan out the shoot before getting in and setting up the camera

  • Suggestions for post production

What you'll see

Dosthill has to be one of the most picturesqe lakes to dive in with lots of aquatic plants its like a inland kelp forest. Huge shoals of roach and perch are found near the surface as well as pike that will shadow them. The lake also has eels, sturgeon and carp not to mention the many training platfroms, wrecks and cliff faces.

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