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Join Jack on a personal catered workshop either as a guide for species or putting  a package together for your individual needs on nature photography.
If your a beginner who just wants to learn camera controls but need more time then a group session would allow or a more advanced photographer needing help finding a species or specific technique these 1-2-1 days are the perfect soultion.
Sometimes early starts are required for the best light and can be cold and wet so weather proof clothing is advised.

What you'll Learn

  • How wildlife photography differs from general photography

  • Mastering your exposure triangle for underwater usage (Aperture, Shutter & ISO)

  • Getting the most from RAW Files, White Balance and other settings

  • Compositional techniques with  long lens, wide angle & macro 

  • How to plan out the shoot before getting in and setting up the camera

  • Fieldcraft to allow you to get close to your subject.

  • Suggestions for post production

£150.00 for 1- 2 -1 
£200.00 for 2 - 2 - 1
if you want to come as a pair or small groups this can be arranged also
To book a workshop please Contact me and pay below

1 - 2 - 1 Photography Session



kingfisher swallowing a fish.jpg
canada flying.jpg
Red Deer stag, bradgate park, leicestershire3.jpg
water vole eating, river maun.jpg
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