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February 8, 2017


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Wildlife photography has never been more popular with the advent of digital cameras its now more affordable and accessible to us all. Smart phones have high quality cameras built in and compact and bridge cameras are great value for money. Wildlife photography is something that is sorely underrepresented on TV though and I think its about time we change that. 




My name is Jack Perks and I’m a professional wildlife and underwater photographer based in the East Midlands. I’m looking to get a TV pilot funded, which will explore different areas of natural beauty and fantastic wildlife each week with the aim of showcasing wildlife photography. Its not going to be overly technical just simple tips and hints that anyone can use.  As well as that I’m going show how photography is being used to aid conservation showing  endangered wildlife and success stories.



We’ll be starting off in Shetland the most northern tip of the british isles and home to a incredible diversity of species. I’ll be following Brydon Thompson of Shetland Nature going after otters and how to photograph them along with talking to brydon about his experiences of them. I’ll also be going after one of shetlands large marine mammals, killer whales and waiting in a hide for some of the rare breeding birds on the islands.



Each episode will be spilt into a three part format starting with going out with a local photographer or conservationist and seeing the patch and what they do. Getting an inside viewpont and local knowledge. Secondly we’ll be covering some kind of technique or equipment from landscape, long lens, macro, time lapse and even underwater photography. Third section will be the challenge, I’ll be given a task to complete whether its one shot or a series of shots trying to capture one of the iconic scenes from the location sometimes against another photographer for a bit of a friendly competition.








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We very keen to use social media for this series we’ll be posting behind the scenes images while filming and when its aired (hopefully). When we have two photographers against each other we’ll post image let the public decide.



Why Give? Rewards ?

 So why donate? Well we have a serious of fantastic rewards available to you from a limited DVD copy, prints from Fotospeed which are high quality photographic prints which you can either choose from one my images or use one of you own to get printed professionally. They’ll be a small screening at Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham which myself and the rest of the crew will be at to do a Q&A. Weirdfish Clothing, Fotospeed and Opticron are all offer discounts on there products as a reward and the first 30 people to donate will get a free copy of Affinity. 




The top reward is a photo tour with myself and Josh Jaggard whos behind the camera now in. We’ll be running two one in Norfolk and one in the Peak District. The price includes tuition, post production and critique but accommodation is down to you.


Affinity are the principle sponsors for this TV pilot and are a photo editing software company. Voted apple macs app of the year in 2015 they are getting rave reviews for editing, enhancing and retouching perfect for a photographers workflow. The £3,000.00 is to help pay for quality microphones, travel costs and production of the film.




Now if we go over the target that might open a few more doors for us but ultimately were looking to get whole series commissioned of the back of this pilot so if you a production company that’s potentially interested feel free to get in touch.


Together we can get wildlife photography on TV and bring Wildlife Exposed to life.


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